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Cooking People


With modern cookery books always at the top of the bestseller lists, Sophia Waugh looks at the differences – and the similarities – between cooking then and now. Cooking People focuses on the writers who have revolutionised home cooking. From Hannah Woolley who was, in the seventeenth century, the first woman to make a living from cookery writing, to the much-loved Isabella Beeton and Elizabeth David, Waugh investigates the what, how and why of English eating. Cooking People is a fascinating overview of the way the English have eaten over the last few centuries. Looking not at the grand dishes of the courts, but at the domestic cookery at the heart of our culture, Sophia Waugh traces the food writers who have changed the way we eat. Includes biographical essays on the writers, commentary on their books, and recipes that still work in the modern era – all interwoven with glimpses of a family viewed through its eating and cooking…

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