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Not Far from Dreamland


He’s skint, his roof leaks and his dog’s gone bald, but for feisty old-timer, Ronald Tonks, life is cooking up a storm of sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, seniors’ Keep-Fit, cider binges and bargain second-hand books. At his wind-battered bungalow on the North Kent coast, Tonks records, in his journal, how he’s getting to grips with life’s little challenges
dodgy teeth, online dating, ukulele gigs, capricious women, literary discourse, modern youth, cocking a snoot at authority and wangling a ticket for a Leonard Cohen concert.
Will Tonks go mad and blow his Winter Fuel Allowance? Will his dog’s baldness problem be solved? Will his life, as his horoscope predicts, take a sudden dramatic turn? Phew! This is old-age in the fast(ish) lane, no two ways…

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