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London, today…
Violet is 25, beautiful and happily ensconced with her boyfriend and dog, running a vintage clothes shop in the East End of London. She has always had disturbingly vivid dreams. Growing up on a rural farm in the Dordogne she had often heard the stories of French resistance fighters, and the strange noises in the woods that no one could explain, but these days she has begun to dream she is living in another woman’s life…
As these dreams become steadily more frequent and more real, she is driven to discover who this woman might be; why she looks so familiar and what she wants, before Violet loses her mind.
France, 1943…
Anouk’s family own a large Chateau in the Dordogne, until the Nazis come to claim it. Homeless and terrified, she is recruited and trained by the S.O.E: Churchill’s Special Operations Department, which suits her perfectly until the dreams begin…
Anouk dreams of being in a huge, strange city, full of tall buildings made of glass; she dreams of a girl who looks just like her and has a dog.


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