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The Secret Broker by Simon Crane

The Secret Broker


The gripping story of Luca Voss and his fight against a global terror threat.

Far out to sea during a fierce storm a Japanese ship is commandeered by mercenaries who kill one of the crew and vanish; North Korea flexes its military muscles by firing a cruise missile into Japanese air space; an unidentified body is dumped on the border between Russia and China. So begins THE SECRET BROKER, the startling debut thriller by Simon Crane, which pitches the suave Swiss orphan Luca Voss and his companion JJ against a cruel megalomaniac trying to manipulate the world’s superpowers from behind closed doors.

Simon Crane has been an investment banker, entrepreneur and financier for more than thirty years, working in New York, Sydney, Singapore and London. He has been sought out by government leaders, policy makers and the world’s largest organisations for guidance on crisis control and had access to some of the most powerful people on the planet. This is his first book. He lives in Pimlico, London.

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