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Summer’s Grace



Steeped in naval history and courtly intrigue, this fast-paced historical novel tells the true story of a dangerous sea voyage from Britain’s tumultuous Georgian past

When Admiral George Anson sets off to circumnavigate the globe in search of treasure and prestige, he leaves his mistress to fend for herself in the dangerous court of George II. In the years that follow, the lovers each face life-changing journeys: one filled with mutiny, storms and unimaginable treasure, the other with gossip, love and the battle for true friendship. While daring escapades play out at sea, the exotic Donna Consuelo and her witty, outspoken ward Grace Lively must navigate the tumultuous world of court back home.
Written by a relative of George Anson and inspired by real diaries, Summer’s Grace draws its inspiration from the true story of George Anson’s heroic and controversial 1740 expedition around the world, which brought home the biggest prize in naval history.

Vanessa Hannam was a journalist for the Sunday Telegraph, the Observer and Harper’s for many years. She is the author of five previous novels and lives on the Isle of Wight and in London.

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