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Dark Knights of the Soul


On the borders of Switzerland and Germany a secretive Neo Templar Order, led by a charismatic ‘Grand Master’, is rapidly expanding its membership. When the Order begins to seek validation of their claim to be part of the original Templar Knights, they quietly recruit three old friends – young historians from two of the world’s top universities. Nicholas Travers and Charlotte Fox of Cambridge, and Theo Popadopoulos of Harvard, can’t believe their luck when they’re offered a significant sum of money for the opportunity to study the Order’s archives. Their flights and luxury accommodation in Switzerland throughout the summer are all included. It seems too good to be true…
If the Order’s claims can be substantiated, they believe it will give them the right to control the Temple Mount in Jerusalem where the original Order began. They’ll also claim the rights to other Templar treasures, including its supposed ownership of the Shroud of Turin – changing history as we know it. The historians are excited at the prospect of the academic treasures they might uncover – this is what they do best – but as they’re preparing to depart for the summer Nicholas is approached by the Secret Service, MI6, and warned that this Neo Templar Order is in fact a dangerous cult. MI6 requests their help in obtaining inside information, but what they are to learn soon has the historians fleeing for their lives, and the safety of their souls.

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