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Go with the Flow


Diagnosed with breast cancer, internationally renowned photographer Gemma Levine determined to use her skill and connections to write a book about her experience that would be a companion, a resource, an aide and, finally, a practical guide to the incredible journey all cancer patients must travel if they are to regain control of their life.

Medical practitioners, researchers, support staff, therapists, even make-up experts and a cordon bleu cook have gladly contributed accounts that, added together, provide a book of bountiful insights and comfort. A unique series of pool exercises which Gemma created for herself are included as an appendix.

It is, in the end, overcoming the fear and panic about the suddenness of the diagnosis and the myriad unknown factors in coping with the treatment of cancer where this remarkable book will prove its worth. The skill and artistry of Gemma’s black and white photographs contribute an additional, dynamic quality that captures the humanity and the love so many people involved in the treatment and help of cancer patients bring to bear.

This book is, above all, a message of practical hope.

With a Foreword by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, all proceeds from the sale of copies will go to Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres

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