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If I chance to talk a little wild



This is the brutally honest, passionate and unorthodox sequel to the PEN Ackerley Prize shortlisted Who is it that can tell me who I am?

Building on Jane Haynes’s personal and clinical experience and with extensive references borne of her love of literature (she devotes a whole chapter, for example, to the impact of Proust on her psychoanalytic thought) and with constant mention of her first great mentor, the legendary R. D. Laing, If I chance to talk a little wild will haunt, educate, surprise yet always fascinate its readers long after the book has been read.

Praise for If I chance to talk a little wild…

‘Brilliant, wise, quirky and compelling… To have such a great understanding of life is one thing but to write about it with such articulacy and elegance is something else altogether.’ Matt Lucas

‘This book is daring and fastidious. It has important and difficult things to say about big issues like child sex abuse. It also has wonderful things to say about being an individual held, observed, encountered by a therapist.’ Jean Seaton, Director of the Orwell Prize

Jane Haynes originally trained as a Jungian psychoanalyst but then ‘defected’ and now refers to herself as a relational psychotherapist. In 2008 her book Who is it that can tell me who I am? (Little, Brown) was shortlisted for the PEN Ackerley Prize for literary autobiography. She lives, and practises, in London.

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