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Indescribable is the chilling story of the abuse actress Candice Derman suffered at the hands of her stepfather, the man she called ‘Dad’

‘Joe touches me down there. I hold my breath and move his thick hand away. The early morning is silent except for the sound of distant chanting coming from the church where the Indian people pray. I listen to my mom and Joe breathing. I hear my heart beating in my head. A few seconds later his hand comes back and I move it away. It comes back and I move it away. It comes back and I leave it…’

Told entirely from the perspective of her childhood self, Indescribable explores South African actress Candice Derman’s traumatic past, opening our eyes to the complexities of sexual abuse and how easy it can be for such a secret to go unseen. First published in South Africa in 2010 to critical and commercial acclaim, this book gives important insight into the mind of a sexual abuse victim and should be compulsory reading worldwide.

Praise for Indescribable…
‘Candice Derman’s writing debut is harrowing, occasionally horrible, and an object lesson in unflinching honesty.’ Business Day, South Africa

‘With Indescribable, Derman has written a book that challenges society to follow her own journey, and not to shrink away from facing the ugly reality of abuse.’
Daily Maverick, South Africa

Candice Derman is a renowned South African actress who launched her career as a TV host and later became a household name for her roles in South African soaps. Her story was first published in SA in 2010 under the same title. Candice now lives in London with her husband and daughter.

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