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Lady Hayatt's Husbands by Ahmed Fagih

Lady Hayatt’s Husbands and other erotic tales



A daring look into the extraordinary world of prostitution, one night stands and desire exploring choices we make when faced with love and lust.

From a tale of men’s obsession with a ‘big Iraqi star’, a rather ‘huge’ woman and well respected prostitute; to a one night stand in a mental asylum gone awry; to a money-driven business man obsessed with his vow to make-up for every day he’s spent without booze or women, this poetically written short story collection is a refreshing mix of the erotic and the literary.
Featuring a tale from One Thousand and One Nights, the collection explores an eclectic mix of characters driven by a similar desire: a craving for a sensual experience. The desire for lust is explored through career choices, sex deprivation, careless voyeurism and much more. This new short story collection from internationally acclaimed author Ahmed Fagin is a literary delight with a unique take on erotic fiction.

‘Libya’s greatest living writer,’ The Guardian

Ahmed Fagih is a writer of international standing whose works include the award-winning trilogy Gardens of the Night and a large body of novels including Homeless Rats, plays, short story collections, and essays. He is the most prolific writer of his generation in Libya.

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