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No Identifiable Remains by John Tagholm

No Identifiable Remains


‘For a dead man, Mr Dreyfuss, you have surprisingly warm lips.’

Oliver Dreyfuss seems to have it all: he is a young, handsome and celebrated restaurateur at the peak of his career and just weeks away from opening his flagship Parisian restaurant, La Mission, with the help of his glamorous and wealthy financier wife, Sonya.

But he is caught between a life he doesn’t understand and a future he can’t imagine. Travelling to Paris to meet with his local project manager, Karyn Baird, Oliver makes the momentous decision to visit the buffet car, just minutes before a lorry carrying aircraft fuel topples off a bridge, engulfing the central four carriages of the train in a ball of flame. Crawling from the debris, in shock, Oliver walks away from the carnage towards a nearby village. He checks into a hotel, holes up and watches the disaster’s aftermath unfold as he realizes that going back to his old life is not an option…

John Tagholm has written a riveting drama with a devastating finale. At the novel’s core is a brilliantly woven tale of infidelity, bitterness, jealousy and revenge.

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Dimensions 22.5 × 14 cm