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Old Age: My Three Best Friends – Alcohol, Television and God


How dare I write about God? If two fellows called Grimm could write fairy tales, I don’t see why a miscreant like me can’t write about God, and writing as a layman means I don’t have to be as respectable as a clergyman or as erudite as a theologian. I can say it as it is from the point of view of a real sinner, and a publican to boot, not a trade particularly favoured by the Bible
Readers of Kit Fraser’s last life guide, The Joy of Talk, will need no introduction to his irreverent, caustic humour or his, at times, brutal honesty. In a series of brief topics he surveys the perils of growing old, using mostly the experience of his own life, as the template for creating a joyous reaffirmation in the consolation of prayer and direct communication with God.
Death, divorce, abortion, bankruptcy, humiliation and revelation are just some of the huge topics through which Fraser filters his profound conviction that life is merely the preparation for a far greater experience.

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