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In Search of the Ancients


Of course, a greater challenge still was agreeing something in the pub when under the influence and facing a sceptical family, stone-cold sober the next day. Such juxtapositions are the essence of life. A tricky one, not only to bring up but of course to remember all the reasons why it was such a good idea the night before. ‘Me and the boys are off to Avebury for the weekend sometime later in the year,’ was how I broached it. No grey areas for me, just plough straight in there…
Four male, middle-aged-going-on-elderly mates, after one of their regular, somewhat inebriated sessions in a North London hostelry, determine to spend whatever weekends it takes to walk the ancient paths of Albion. Starting in the mystical centre of Ancient Britain, Stonehenge, the four companions begin a quest to discover not only the best ale pubs but also the spiritual source of the English nation before the deadening hand of organised religion banished the Green Men.
Wearing its learning lightly on its sleeve, In Search of the Ancients will entrance any menopausal male of a certain age but also educate them in the ancient wisdom and traditions of our Island’s deep, primitive past. It‘ll also achieve much the same for their partners.

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