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From the Ganges to the Thames: A Memoir by Sonia Melchett

From the Ganges to the Thames: A Memoir


Sonia Melchett tells of her extraordinary life story with a wit and charm that has come to be expected from an acclaimed author and a legendary society hostess. This record of her personal history follows her dramatic journey from obscurity as a child of Empire to the considerable glamour of her later years.

Sonia Sinclair (Melchett) was born in Nainital in India, where her father was a doctor in the Royal Army Medical Corps. After leaving school, she worked for the BBC and in the Control Commission in Germany. Her eventful marriage to Julian Mond, later Lord Melchett, took her from living in a control tower in Norfolk to riches and acclaim as a leading hostess. Her second husband is Andrew Sinclair, the much respected historian, writer and film-maker.

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