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Strange Embrace


‘And that was the beginning,’ Angel thought, looking back from the confines of a stuffy courtroom, listening to a case for murder being made by the Crown. ‘Oh yes, that was exactly when it had all begun.’ England, 1950. On a warm summer night at a party Angel meets Alexander Sorel and marries him three months later. They have a baby, a daughter called Nina. Angel’s happiness seems complete. But then danger threatens those she loves and she is forced to realise things are not as perfect as they appear. Angel knew Alex had been married before to Zara Hoffman, living somewhere in Germany, but not that Zara is an alcoholic, obsessed with him even after their divorce, or that she’s threatened many times to kill him. A few months later, Alex disappears. Desperate to find him, Angel’s only clue is the diaries of an old schoolfriend of Zara’s, the young and beautiful Antoinette. She is Jewish, writing vividly in 1937 Berlin as the Nazis are rising to power, and what Angel learns from the pages of the diary will change her life forever. Now, at a trial for murder, she is forced to choose between her love for Alex and what she has uncovered about his past. If it’s a choice between love and conscience, how can she keep silent?

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