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Taking Morgan


For a woman who had to keep secrets, Morgan Cooper had a dangerous habit. When she felt stressed or anxious, she would voice her thoughts aloud…
Morgan Cooper is finding it hard to juggle the demands of her children and her career – a task her workaholic civil-rights lawyer husband, Adam, makes still more difficult. But unlike the other ‘soccer moms’ in their affluent DC suburb, she’s an undercover CIA officer assigned to the strife-torn Gaza Strip.
There, as the betrayals and contradictions of her personal and working lives catch up with her, she finds herself in peril. With her Agency bosses seemingly disengaged, it falls to Adam to try to save her life and their relationship.
Inspired by actual events, Taking Morgan is a gripping novel of political intrigue and suspense. It is also the deeply affecting story of a modern couple struggling in their marriage, suddenly at risk of losing each other forever.

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