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Teaching Men to be Feminist



‘I have come to regard sexism as the most widespread and effective process of brainwashing in the history of mankind. Every single structure of daily life – legal, social, institutional, political, cultural and religious – has been and still is organised around unequal gender assumptions. Gender inequality continues to be maintained and perpetuated consciously and unconsciously by men and women, too – it’s become so familiar, we think it’s normal… ‘


From the best-selling author of A Woman in Your Own Right comes an explosive polemic on equality for the twenty-first century. In Teaching Men to be Feminist, Anne Dickson challenges the status quo by showing how sexism affects us all, damages us all – and why feminism is still the key to changing this.


Teaching Men to be Feminist is for any man who feels excluded by feminism; who finds himself believing there’s some truth in the frequently heard rationalisation that a female rape victim was ‘asking for it’ even though he may not acknowledge this out loud. This book is for men who love their partners and daughters and don’t want to see them hurt or unfairly disadvantaged but can’t find a way to speak out. It is for anyone who believes feminism is just an outdated ‘woman’s thing’ and above all it is a rallying cry for men and women who still believe in a feminism that can lead to genuine and lasting equality.


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