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The Making of an Immigration Judge: Revised Edition



Newly revised in response to the momentous developments of the last four years, this is the fascinating and thought-provoking life story of one of the UK’s most experienced immigration judges

In 2016, as the western world struggled to cope with the influx of immigrants fleeing tyranny and war, The Making of an Immigration Judge cut through the hysteria of the headlines to provide a definitive account of the problems facing Europe – and how we might solve them. With more than a decade’s experience as an immigration judge, James Hanratty has seen the plight of these people first hand and made decisions that changed lives forever. Now, in response the huge changes that have taken place subsequently, both in the UK and abroad, Hanratty is back to apply his razor-sharp insight to the day’s most vital immigration issues: from the much debated ‘points-based system’ to migrant Channel crossings; Windrush to Hong Kong, where he was legal advisor to the British government in the 1997 handover.

Part memoir, part meditation, the book is written with humility and humour drawing on a lifetime spent in the justice business. From his early days as a clerk in Derbyshire to working at the House of Lords and the Royal Courts of Justice, Hanratty’s story is at once personable and profound, funny and affecting. He vividly recalls life in the law and brings a unique and authoritative insight to the ongoing debate dividing our politicians and troubling the conscience of the country. At a time when everyone has a view on immigration, this is a welcome alternative to the fearful rhetoric of the media.

James Hanratty RD has worked in many of the UK’s most prestigious legal institutions including the House of Lords and the Royal Courts of Justice. Until 2014 he was an immigration judge dealing with asylum seekers from around the world. He lives in Putney, south-west London.

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