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Waugh on Wine


First published in 1987 and long out of print, this collection of Auberon Waugh’s writings while wine correspondent at various times for Tatler, the Spectator and Harper’s and Queen is now considered a classic text by a new generation of wine writers and connoisseurs.

Waugh On Wine is riddled with his legendary wit: ‘…hosts that skimp on their wine should be exposed, ridiculed and humiliated’. On aperitifs he wrote, ‘The general effect of cocktails is to anesthetise the brain, drive out the worries and preoccupations of the day and prepare men and women for each other’s company.’ On smoking cannabis: ‘For those readers that are still old-fashioned enough to smoke pot, the only wine I ever found that went well with it was Deinhart’s Hochheimer Konigin Victoria Beng Riesling Kabinett.’

The best way to enjoy this cornucopia of delight is to settle into a comfy chair, pour a glass of your favourite vintage and enjoy a master stylist at the top of his game.

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