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The Weigh Forward


For the first time Jules Williams, one of the world’s leading intuitive counsellors, is bringing his unique weight loss programme, The Weigh Forward, to the public in this groundbreaking new book. A revolutionary process that has helped countless high profile clients, Jules will show you how deep-seated subconscious blocks are the real reason why we as a society are holding on to our weight at an ever increasing pace, and how his distinctive practice of emotional clearing can change your relationship with food forever.
But The Weigh Forward is not just a self‐help book; it is an autobiographical collection of twenty years working with clients with weight issues, charting Jules’ process as it developed to demonstrate how he has achieved such long lasting weight loss results for others.
A deeply interactive tool, The Weigh Forward guides you through investigations and exercises to allow you to reconnect with your subconscious and break negative repetitive behaviour patterns.
Including an introduction to mediation, relaxation, affirmation and visualisation techniques, The Weigh Forward also provides exciting practical aids such as a sixty-day journal to help you understand, for the first time, why you have been struggling to lose weight.

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